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VMAP Community

The VMAP Standards Community e.V. hosted its first ever VMAP User Meeting 2024 (14-15 Feb. 2024) at Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin. We saw participation from more than 35 professionals coming from various industrial domains, like standardization, software vendors and OEMs.

Pedro Catarino presented European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF), standards related with its activities, projects RESTORE - Sustainable Remanufacturing/METAFACTURING and the potential use of the VMAP Standard for the use cases.

The event was a great opportunity to showcase the initial progress of these projects to a community of professionals.

A special thanks to Fraunhofer SCAI for organizing the event, with heartfelt thanks to Klaus Wolf and Priyanka Gulati for their efforts.

Restore Background

In the pursuit of a Circular Economy, remanufacturing plays a crucial role in extending product lifespans, generating employment opportunities and revenue streams.

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Restore Objectives

The strategic objectives (SO) outlined for RESTORE encompass a comprehensive approach towards sustainable cladding processes, digital automation, and remanufacturing platforms.

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Restore Implementation

RESTORE is a project with the overarching goal of showcasing a portfolio of sustainable repair and remanufacturing processes, specifically leveraging laser and plasma arc technologies.

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