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First Workshop of Task 6.6

Exciting Update Alert!

April 26th marked a significant milestone as we hosted the first workshop of Task 6.6 at the 11th Swedish Production Symposium! With around 15 distinguished participants from leading organizations such as GKN Aerospace, ABB Research, the International Institute of Welding, Produktion 2023, as well as esteemed academic institutions including Chalmers University, University West, Linköping University, and KTH, it was an enriching collaboration to remember.

Under the theme "Digitalisation for Sustainable Manufacturing," teams delved into the pivotal challenge of enhancing circularity within their respective industries.

Here's a glimpse into the insightful discussions:
5 minutes: Teams kicked off with a focused discussion to select their industry or sector.
10 minutes: Identifying major obstacles and barriers within their chosen industry, crucial for advancing circularity.

Throughout, participants pondered on key considerations like the importance of spreading efforts across multiple circularity pathways and the role of product passports in tracking circularity measurements across a product's lifecycle. The energy and commitment exhibited by all attendees underscored our collective dedication to fostering sustainable practices within manufacturing. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this journey towards a greener, more circular future!

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